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Acutonics has three distinct modules of learning.  Completion of each module earns a practitioner designation. 

Certified Acutonics® Practitioner, the highest level of achievement, is only achieved after completion of all three modules.  

Successful completion of each  module earns the following designation. 


See Certification Classes page for details

required clinic hours

for Acutonics certification program

Student who are seeking practitioner certification on any of the three levels in the Acutonics® Certification Program are required to earn 30, 55, or 100 hours of practical experience in Acutonics clinic hours approved by the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine. Each level of Acutonics certificaton titles (Associate Acutonics® Practitioner, Acutonics® Practitioner or Certified Acutonics® Practitioner)  requires clinic hours to earn proficiency.   

While there are various avenues to fulfill this requirement that are covered in Acutonics Case Studies & Clinical Documentaries class or Energetic Ethics class, one way is to have a day offered by a senior faculty member for interns to practice hands-on Acutonics, including practicing intake and treatment session planning. 

Now that the pandemic introduced distance Acutonics, you can also fulfill your clinic hours in creative ways besides in-person hours.  I have a new clinic hour class that simulates all the skills interns learned when they visited my clinical practice. This class is kept small with only 3 maximum students so you get that individual atteention. 

  Clinic Hour Class Page

Other days and forms of obtaining clinic hours can be arranged with Mary Burke-Kelly beyond those listed on this page.   Additional days can be scheduled with groups of students who have interest or individualized.  Long distance case review, videos and written case studies are among options to fulfill this requirement. 

Clinic hours cost $25/hr unless you are assisting in outreach or public lecture/workshop in Acutonics under Mary's supervision. Outreach hours are free up to a maximum level allowed by the Acutonics Insitutue of Integrative Medicine.  You may also accumulate clinic hours under the supervision of other senior faculty members. Please contact Mary at mary@dfwacutonics.com or 817-918-3939 to plan additional clinic hours.


Check out theClinic Hour Fullfillment Class that earns you 16 clinic hours. Created & taught by Mary Burke-Kelly for real clinical interviewing, plan development and application for in-person and distance clients.

Other forms of fulfillment for clinic hours: 

DISTANCE ZOOM LIVE, FACETIME AND WRITTEN CASE CLINIC HOUR FULFILLMENT OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE.  Group review classes on zoom can also be structured for students seeking clinic hours

EMAIL mary@dfwacutonics. com or text 817-918-3939 to arrange individualized fulfillment options.  

  All requirements, options, and forms are provided either in the Energetics Ethics class or Case Studies class that sends you on your way to fulfilling your hours.  You may take Ethics any time after Level I and take Case Studies anytime after Levels I, III, III.

CLINIC HOUR FEE:  $25/hour

per Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine, LLC

certified practitioner vs. Not

You may not legally refer to yourself as an Acutonics Practitioner without certification by the Acutonics Institute for Integrative Medicine, LLC via a  Licensed Acutonics Senior Faculty teacher/mentor. You may offer Acutonics after completing  any class, but you cannot use the word "practitioner" in marketing material or title.  You may refer to yourself as an Acutonics Student followed by the class level you have taken (eg: Acutonics Level I).  

If you use the word "Acutonics" in your marketing, it must have the  registered trademark symbol after the name and there is a legal tagline required at the bottom of your marketing material that reads:  "Acutonics® is a registered trademark of The Acutonics Institute of  Integrative Medicine, LLC." 

You may only refer to yourself as an Acutonics Associate  Practitioner after completeing the Certification Module I , Acutonics Practitioner after Module II, and Certified Acutonics® Practitioner after Module III.  All titles  are approved by The  Acutonics Institute for Integrative Medicine.  To  maintain high standards of quality, only those who complete the full Acutonics Certification Program of ten core classes, 2 electives,  TCM fundamental classes, 100 clinic hours and final project/thesis may use the title and service mark below. For more information:  https://acutonics.com/classes/certification-program/

clinic Hour registration form