coming July 10-11, 2021

hygiea, holism & expanded consciousness

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Hygiea Tuning Forks

The Acutonics Hygiea Tuning Fork Set are the newest addition to our frequency shifting celestial orchestra. Whether viewed as a dwarf planet or a major asteroid Hygiea resides in the asteroid belt and is the fourth largest asteroid in our Solar System.

Hygiea brings teachings and gifts of prevention, sanitation, purification. The ability to dream of a word of holism with expanded consciousness and to better serve the needs of our social, medical, political, and educational systems. She helps us to sanitize and filter out false intentions of ego and to uphold the higher laws of hygiene. Hygiea guides us to a deeper understanding that we must do more than prevent pathology, we must attend to our minds, bodies, emotions, and spirit to bring forth balance and health of the Earth, so that we are able to dream new dreams of integration, synthesis, and balance in all parts of our lives. Hygeia works in concert with the other planets to cleanse and aid the energies that she links with and to express a truer, stronger, cleaner form so that wholeness can be restored.

This Set Contains 5 Hygiea Tuning Forks: Low, Middle, High 1, High 2, High 3. Hygiea High 3 fits within the asteroid system of Acutonics where she takes her rightful place with the other asteroid goddesses Ceres/Demeter, Pallas/Athena, Juno/Hera and Vesta/HestiaType your paragraph here.