Hygiea  energetic keywords:

Integrate, translate, interpolate, exterpolate, multi-dimensional

The archetype of preventative and integrative medicine & healing.  Helps us transition from the old energetic ways of the Age of Pisces to the new energetic ways of the Age of Aquarius.  Hygiea  elevates the positive energy of other planetary tuning forks archetypes.  She uplifts our hearts with the Ling spirit (allowing of heart) and leads the shattered back to wholness.  She helps us attain energetic hygiene.

A simple, inexpensive method to incorporate Hygiea in a session, for group energetics, or environmental energetics.

Choose low or mid chime alone or buy both to allow a greater shift by using the Hygiea octave in chime form.

Use at end of session to  integrate the entire session, use over chakras for multi-dimensional work, combine with other planet chimes to elevate planetary response.

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mAY 19-21, 2023

3 day class fRIDAY- SUNDAY

9:00 am - 6:00 PM cENTRAL TIME

Opportunity to Earn 24 Clinic Hours as Third Elective in Certification

Elective status dependent on program entry date:

Hygiea class counts as Elective for: students who started training prior to June 20, 2021.  Student must provide written proof of Hygiea proficiency to teacher after class. for 24 free clinic hours

New students to Acutonics after June 20, 2021 :Hygiea is Level X and required for certification

Class Pre-requisites:  You must have taken Levels I-IV and Sedna Level IX to register for this  class. 

​This is an advanced class and will count as Acutonics Level X (after Sedna).

Dallas/Ft Worth Acutonics Format

  • Two distance Acutonics practicums with Hygiea - receive and give Hygiea Install & Unification of Feminine
  • Private youtube video of two practicum demonstrations for future reference
  • Pictures to help identify new tuning fork interval combinations
  • Private video tape of class
  • Practitoner Hygiea Book- print off or download the same reference book I use in my clinical practice with relevant Hygiea slides
  • Musical inversions explained by a non-musically trained teacher in simple terms with extra visuals.
  • Currently, one of six USA Hygiea gong homes for your closing mediations and attunement 
  • Extra slides with practical application suggestions
  • Student handouts of slides with note taking  space
  • Extra videos and materials on google classroom for concepts

tuition payment button:

$600 before early bird deadline 

$650 after deadline

Hygiea LOW hand chime: 

Retails: $120 plus s&h

Discount Price DFWA:  $108.00 plus s&h

In manufacture: Hygiea Gong 

purchase for Hygiea forks Here

See Rental page to rent Hygiea forks for class

If you would like to purchase the set of Hygiea forks  for class or experiment with them outside of class independently, you can order and pay for them here at 10% off retail:

Retail price: $485 plus S&H

Discount price below:  $436.50 plus S&H

Hygiea Hand chimes: 10% off retail

An inexpensive Way to apply the energetics via fields and chakras

Keywords: integrate and elevate on multi-dimensions

Hygiea Tuning Forks

The Acutonics Hygiea Tuning Fork Set are the newest addition to our frequency shifting celestial orchestra. Whether viewed as a dwarf planet or a major asteroid Hygiea resides in the asteroid belt and is the fourth largest asteroid in our Solar System.

Hygiea brings teachings and gifts of prevention, sanitation, purification. The ability to dream of a word of holism with expanded consciousness and to better serve the needs of our social, medical, political, and educational systems. She helps us to sanitize and filter out false intentions of ego and to uphold the higher laws of hygiene. Hygiea guides us to a deeper understanding that we must do more than prevent pathology, we must attend to our minds, bodies, emotions, and spirit to bring forth balance and health of the Earth, so that we are able to dream new dreams of integration, synthesis, and balance in all parts of our lives. Hygeia works in concert with the other planets to cleanse and aid the energies that she links with and to express a truer, stronger, cleaner form so that wholeness can be restored.

Hygiea mid hand chime: 

Retails: $107 plus s&h

Discount Price DFWA:  $96.30 plus s&h

In manufacture:  Hygiea Gong


$41.95 retail-

discounted price: $37.76 PLUS S&H

Applications: Use to support the expansion of consciousness, purification, synthesis, holism, and integration. Promotes balance of our minds, bodies, emotions, and spirit to empower growth for ourselves and our planet.

Ingredients: Palo Santo, Neroli, Palma Rosa, Jojoba, Frankincense

8 ml (5/16 oz)