Hygiea  energetic keywords:

Integrate, translate, interpolate, exterpolate, multi-dimensional

The archetype of preventative and integrative medicine & healing.  Helps us transition from the old energetic ways of the Age of Pisces to the new energetic ways of the Age of Aquarius.  Hygiea may elevate the positive energy of other planetary tuning forks archetypes.

For a hygiea install session

email: mary@dfwacutonics.com 

text: 817-918-3939

A simple, inexpensive method to incorporate Hygiea in a session, for group energetics, or environmental energetics.

Choose low or mid chime alone or buy both to allow a greater shift by using the Hygiea octave in chime form.

Use at end of session to  integrate the entire session, use over chakras for multi-dimensional work, combine with other planet chimes to elevate planetary response.



3 day class (expanded from 2 Day Elective)

Elective status dependent on program entry:

Counts as Elective for:

students who started training prior to june 20, 2021

new students to acutonics after june 20, 2021 :

Required for certification

class dates  Tbd


Hygiea LOW hand chime: 

Retails: $120 plus s&h

Discount Price DFWA:  $108.00 plus s&h

In manufacture: Hygiea Gong 

purchase for Hygiea forks:

If you would like to purchase the set of Hygiea forks and experiment with them outside of class independently, you can order and pay for them here at 10% off retail:

Retail price: $485 plus S&H

Discount price below:  $436.50 plus S&H

Hygiea Hand chimes: 10% off retail

An inexpensive Way to apply the energetics via fields and chakras

Keywords: integrate and elevate on multi-dimensions

Hygiea Tuning Forks

The Acutonics Hygiea Tuning Fork Set are the newest addition to our frequency shifting celestial orchestra. Whether viewed as a dwarf planet or a major asteroid Hygiea resides in the asteroid belt and is the fourth largest asteroid in our Solar System.

Hygiea brings teachings and gifts of prevention, sanitation, purification. The ability to dream of a word of holism with expanded consciousness and to better serve the needs of our social, medical, political, and educational systems. She helps us to sanitize and filter out false intentions of ego and to uphold the higher laws of hygiene. Hygiea guides us to a deeper understanding that we must do more than prevent pathology, we must attend to our minds, bodies, emotions, and spirit to bring forth balance and health of the Earth, so that we are able to dream new dreams of integration, synthesis, and balance in all parts of our lives. Hygeia works in concert with the other planets to cleanse and aid the energies that she links with and to express a truer, stronger, cleaner form so that wholeness can be restored.

Hygiea mid hand chime: 

Retails: $107 plus s&h

Discount Price DFWA:  $96.30 plus s&h

In manufacture:  Hygiea Gong