dISTANCE ACUTONICS® : Vibrational sound healing

using quantum tunneling and Holograms

Equally effective option for distant or non-vaccine clients

Try at minimal effort/Fee

$30 Trial Offer  for 20 minute session

Stress reduction

anxiety/fear/overwhelm session

Try an inexpensive long distance Acutonics session to address anxiety, fear, stress or  overwhelm.  Whether you are concerned about money, health, loved ones or just feel stressed and overwhelmed, book a 20 minute reduced version of techniques shown in the  video. This reduced version does not require any paperwork.  It is offered for you to see if long distance sound vibrational sound healing with Acutonics tools resonates with you.   If you notice a subtle or dramatic shift in how you feel  after the session (hours or next day), you can book a more individualized  session from the three options described on this page.  And you may have taken the step into 4th and 5th dimensional healing.  

For the same price as going out to dinner or buying a new shirt, what do you have to loose?

Text for appointment:  817-918-3939


Link for  new client forms 

Payment made during live session or via invoice email

While in-person sessions are preferred due to the experiential nature of vibrational sound, long distance sound sessions provide many shifts and successfully fulfill intentions.  It does take a leap of faith for those who need to touch or see energy, but the sound vibrations do go across electronic devices and across the miles via a system that converts particle waves (physical) into quantum waves in which sound travels.   Using heart holograms or the electromagnetic field of the heart (some term this as a torus) intensifies intention via unified field between practitioner and client and create the results.  Distance healing can be done without any client present on a device.  If you feel you like to hear the sounds of gongs, chimes and tools, we schedule a synchronistic appointment.  If you don't feel the need to hear the tools, and  want the results, the session is sent during the night or a time when you are resting.

The instructional  20 minute video (below) prepared for my Acutonics students explains the technique I use.

distance Sound session CHOICES:


LIVE VIA ZOOM : Full harmonic Session

$150 new client   

$125 returning client

If  you prefer to do the session live on zoom it is like you are here for a regular appointment.  I use a Blue Yeti microphone to send the hertz levels of gongs, forks, and chimes while you can rest in your home and feel and hear the sounds due to the sensitive microphone.  You can feel the sound vibrations if you wear earphones or earbuds connected to your device.  The session is still effective without earbuds but you will have quality sound of forks, chimes, gongs and bowls with earphones on. I use original sound settings on zoom so the gongs and tools are not cancelled as extraneous sounds.  Full harmonic level is recommended so you can feel and hear the gongs, chimes and bowls.  Forks are held to mic before application.

Steps to do the session are: 

  1. Text 817-918-3939 to make the appointment date and time with me
  2. Provide your email for the zoom session invitation
  3. Fill out the new client forms from the link on this page if you are a new client and email the forms to mary@dfwacutonics.com before the appointment
  4. Make sure the Zoom program is downloaded or updated to latest version on your computer, tablet or phone to have the session
  5. Open the session at our appointment time from the link on the email sent from me for a zoom conference.  
  6. We will talk and do intake just like a regular in person session.  I listen to your story, ask questions and we determine our intent for the session.
  7. You  can relax at home in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed while I provide the session on a  stuffed dummy person here.  I recommend you wear earphones to hear the full vibration of each sound and your device does not cancel the sounds as extraneous.
  8. When the session is completed you and I will give each other feedback
  9. I can invoice you at close of the appointment and you are expected  to make payment then as service has been rendered.  We can pay before we start if you prefer not to function in the relaxed state you will be in after the session.  

Not live: non-synchronistic:  $100

Intake is done over the phone or zoom video.  The actual session is sent at another time without you being present via any electronic device.  A full acutonics session is sent from a distance, usually late at night when you are sleeping or anytime without your presence.  Your body template is treated via surrogate dummy (see the dummy on the video about fear session on this page) and sent energetically.  You don't need to hassle with any technology but you need to  trust in distance healing and prayer to like this option. If done during the day and you prefer, a text can be sent at start and close of session.  I can call you with any feedback. My long term clients are opting for this.   

session for pandemic fear/anxiety

This is a 50 minute instructional video for my students on an Acutonics Session for Fear, Anxiety and Lack of Control during the pandemic that has been successful in long distance format.  See the surrogate dummy used as body template in this video.