Limited to 3-4 students

2022 Class Dates: 

Prepare to treat your volunteer over the holidays:

Zoom class meets 

  • ONE time week of NOv 28, 2022

  • One time week of Dec 5, 2022

  • One time week of December 12, 2022

  • After holidays one time week of jan 9, 2023

2023 Class dates: Weeks of June 5 - June 26, 2023


 4 PART Sequence CLASS: $400 ($25/clinic hr)




If you are not available the dates of the scheduled class but are interested in arranging other dates email Mary@dfwacutonics.com

Class #3: Developing & Delivering the Session

All students bring their homework developed plan for their case and present it to the class for discussion and development.   Technical directions are covered in detail on how to effectively send a distance session (microphones, zoom settings, holograms) to expand your session options.  We talk about the processing speech to give your client. And expectations for you and your client.

Homework: Make arrangements with your home volunteer to apply the developed Acutonics session either in-person or via holographic sound distance techniques before our next meeting.

two payment options:

Class #2: Analysis & Assessment  

The second meeting teaches you a step by step plan on how to take the interview and intake form information, fuse it, and develop an Acutonics plan that fits your case.   This two hour meeting is a combination of power point steps (also provided ) and class discussion of a real case carried over from Class 1. 

Homework:  You take the steps taught in class 2 and apply it at home to your interview and intake information you have gathered after Class 1.

Class #4:  The Session Report

This is a the final class meeting in which you provide a verbal report on how your session went.  It is a chance to talk  about feedback from the forks/tools, your client, and how you provide feedback.  Students share the session experience and client feedback from their case.  The type of legal notes you should be filing for clients are covered. Final Q&A and now you have 16 clinic hours!

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Limited to a maximum of 3-4 students.

 In this 4 part class, you meet once per week for 2 hours and spend 2 hours of your own time on homework between class meetings.  Total of 16 earned hours organized as follows:

Class #1 The Interviewing

The most important factor in an Acutonics Session is the client interview.  Interview skills will determine your session plan and effectiveness of your session.  In addition to the learning what to have on an intake form, you will learn how to fuse this information with an interview.  Observation skills, which questions to ask and how to get the information that leads to the original fracture, your main intent for the session.  This 2 hour zoom class includes the viewing of a real interview as a group and how to move from the obvious to the real root of intention for a session.  A short power point is provided with steps as well as on Google Classroom.  You will have a private link to the video for your own reference.

 You then take the class #1 tools and do an interview as homework for the before the next class.  

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