William Morris, PHD has also instructed how to replicate the natal horoscope components onto the umbilicus using Acutonics tuning forks and then use extraordinary vessels to address the issue.  Knowing the planetary set up for an individual can indicate health concerns and provide a means to address those concerns.  As above, so below.


The sounds of the acutonics tuning forks are based on the sounds of the planets in their revolution around the sun, the music of the spheres.  Not only do the tuning forks install sounds of the planets into and around the body during a session, they also install the archetypes of the planets. The archetypes are a shorthand language for the subconscious and are the power behind the healing. Knowing the symbolic language of astrology can aid the practitioner in choosing the  Acutonics tuning forks in a session.  Beyond that, you can use the tuning forks homepathically to aid transitions as reflected by shifting planetary energies.  

Medical astrology is ancient and has been used to ascertain and treat health concerns.  While Dallas//Fort Acutonics does not offer classes in the medical astrology speciality, the basics are offered and the student can obtain medical astrology classes after learning the basics.