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 What Kind of Appointment do I Need? 

Every Acutonics session includes an intake period so you will have my input on what type of session would be the best use of your time to achieve your intention.

I recommend the full harmonic session if your budget allows.  By including gongs, chimes and bowls, clients describe a stronger relaxation and a more intense effect.  Gongs are 11th and 12th dimensional tools that help you journey during the session to a state of consciousness that is peaceful, stress free and healing.  The vibrating sounds of various levels work together to shift you to your resonant vibration of balance and wholeness.  In many cases, clients fall into a theta or delta wave state due to harmonics of gongs, chimes, bowls, forks.

I Have to Watch My Budget

Then choose the basic session that is forks on the acupuncture gateways to focus the sound where we need it to go.  Any session that includes extraordinary vessels can produce huge shifts in your life.  They are the managers and supervisors of the 12 qi meridians.  Extraordinary vessels are time capsules, recording all your life experiences and potentials.  They speak to your DNA and provide access to changing what you could not change before.  Almost all the sessions include the EV's and are the heart and soul of an Acutonics session. 

Sound layers are 2-3 vibrational tuning fork intervals placed in a series on the same vessels or points.  This has the ability to open a subject, heal that subject, and provide an end or closure to that subject. Even if that subject is physical pain or an emotional trauma.  

If you would like to take an Acutonics class 
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Acutonics Classes 
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You may use the link below to obtain the  required new client forms and fill the forms out prior to your appointment.  Please bring the completed form with you.



All sessions include pre & post grounding,  assessment & feedback.

$25 paperwork /intake fee added for new clients

Acutonics Full Harmonics

(2 hr -2 hr 15 min session): 
$150 returning clients

$175 new client (includes $25 intake/paperwork fee )
           Includes intake session, pre & post grounding, back & front treatment, 2 extraordinary vessels with sound layering, gongs, chimes, Tibetan bowls, holographic sound, points or cords or chakras as determined, feedback. 

Acutonics Basic Session

                           (1 hr – 1hr 15 min session): 

 $100 returning clients

$125 new client (includes $25 paperwork/intake fee)
Includes intake session, pre & post grounding, tuning forks on back or front as determined, 2 extraordinary vessels with sound layering, feedback.

Esoteric Acutonics 
Sacred geometry with sound layers : $85
Sacred geometry, 2 extraordinary vessels, sound layers : $125
Energetic Cord Cut, 2 extraordinary vessels, sound layers : $125

 Fibonacci Tuning Fork Session: $123
(8 extraordinary vessels X 8 fork intervals= 64 pts)
 creates your intentions

Frequency discounted packages available
Three pre-paid Basic Acutonics sessions: $285 (saves $15)
Three pre-paid Full Harmonic Acutonics sessions: $435 (saves $15)

Charge or debit cards accepted.
 Personal checks/ cash accepted
Payment when services rendered