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The powerful archetypes and tones of Nibiru and the Acutonics Asteroid Series are also introduced. Through extensive hands-on experiences you will broaden your understanding of the use and application of the Planetary Tuning Forks and learn how to integrate Chiron, Nibiru, and the Acutonics Asteroid Series into your clinical practice.

Minimum Tools for online class can be purchased on the tool sales page in advance with a 10% discount to participate.

Or rented for class.

Minimum tools for Level IV:  Nibiru tuning fork set, goddess asteroid tuning fork set.   Low octave and High frequency planetary fork sets are optional and not required to take class.  You must have the Chiron set from Level III or rent that set for practicum.


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Advanced Harmonic Applications

Dates TBD

9:00 AM-6:00 PM  DAILY


​Planetary forks are now paired with each other for increased sound healing options and capabilities. The new planet forks of Nibiru and the 4 asteroid forks are also introduced allowing for re-patterning at the cellular and behavior levels as well as addressing the shattered feminine psyche and hidden yin in us all.

This class expands your knowledge of the Planetary Tuning Forks, unique harmonics, parallel fifths, and the seeds of transformation that reside in every session. By taking an in-depth look at the archetypes, and associated intervals of each planetary tone and its impact on the physical, emotional, and spiritual body practitioners will explore the personality, diagnostics, and applications that unfold with each harmonic interval in the Acutonics Healing System.

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Dallas/fort worth acutonics

LEVEL IV zoom format:

Distance practicums will include the Chiron/Nibiru installation to give and receive with student partner.  It also includes the Goddess Asteroid installation.  Therefore the tuning forks of Nibiru and Asteroids are available to rent or purchase prior to class.  You will use the Chiron set in the class so that set from Level III should also be in your possession.  You will receive youtube videos after class of the practicums for your replication of any protocols in class.  Extended materials on the planet to planet fork combinations are provided on google classroom for your future reference to print or download.