$650 (4 day class)
 $600 ($50 discount) 

if registration and payment is received 3 weeks prior to class start date.

Class Registration Form​

4 Day Class: online format 


32 PDA Points NCCAOM

when taking in 4 consecutive days

$650 with $50 discount ($600) for registration three weeks prior to class
Forks can be purchased on Acutonic Tool Sales page of this website for 10% discount

Required for practitioner certification
Prerequisites: Acutonics Level I & II Core Curriculum 


Harmonic Attunement

This advanced training provides an in-depth exploration of archetypes, cross-cultural myths, astronomy and planetary frequencies applied to points and meridians, exploring the more ancient beliefs and traditions of Each Asian Medicine. Beginning with an exploration of Taoist concepts of the Heavens, the Wu Qi, the Three Pure Ones and the Five Forces, you will gain a deeper understanding of sacred anatomy, the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, and our Celestial Stems and Terrestrial Branches.

We also explore the role of story, myth and archetype with their physiological and psychological implications to inform treatment approaches.

Students experience and work with the more sophisticated layers, applications, and techniques of the Acutonics System of Sound Healing. Practitioners build on their knowledge from Acutonics Levels I and II and are introduced to the  8 Acutonics Planetary Tuning Forks, Chiron Tuning Forks, Planetary Gongs, Planetary Hand Chimes, and custom blended essential oils with planetary frequency. 

Tools for online class must be purchased on the Tool sales page in advance for a 10% discount, to fully participate in practicums​

Minimum tools are: planetary mid octave tuning fork set.  It is highly recommended that you also purchase the Chiron tuning fork set or at least the single mid chiron fork.



  • Interactive:  9 self-care practice sessions rather than the two practicums for in-person classes: I want you to feel the effects of each planetary interval that is taught
  • Basic Horoscope Planetary House Location interpretation:  You will learn where the planets fell in your natal horoscope and what that means to help you relate to the energy of each tuning fork taught in this class. You provide date, time and location of birth and receive a professional Solar Fire chart and learn how to read planet house location interpretation. Due to my astrology background, you will also be taught the major planetary cycles humans experience in the aging process and tips on which tuning forks to use during those cycles.
  • Final practicum includes distance session techniques.  You will develop, send and receive a session with a fellow student partner in a zoom virtual breakout room.  Distance acutonics is in demand.  Practice it and feel it in this class.
  • Extended student hand outs are provided with planetary tuning fork applications for future reference and resource after class and going forward on Goggle Classroom.  
  • The experiential nature of the class is replicated with a materials box shipped to each student.  You will not miss the Pace of Yu closing ceremony as you will have materials and sounds to participate in this powerful ceremony at home.  In our first online class, we realized the Big Dipper energy had actually been replicated across the United States from Brooklyn, NY to St. Louis, MO, to Texas, to New Mexico and to California.  Take this class to learn the importance of  the Big Dipper as an energy portal. 
  • All planetary gongs, chimes and meditation sounds are being conveyed via  original sound with Yeti microphone for accurate hertz reception.  I recommend you use earbuds to receive the full effect of each of the nine planetary attunement meditations.  
  •   In order to receive PDA from NCCAOM for acupuncture we must teach the class in 4 consecutive days.  

Do not hesitate to take Level III online: it is highly recommended in this format.