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Under guidance and direction from the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine, Acutonics classes are now offered in live, real time  format via Zoom.  



You still receive the same quality theory about sound and extraordinary vessels via shared powerpoint slides and live lecture. 


Daily hands-on practicums for this class include group point location and tuning fork application in a self -care module (and don't we all need some self care during the pandemic?). This is done through camera closeups, printed closeup video stop stills from Deadman's Manual of Acupuncture provided to each student, sticker visuals and ring lights. All designed to reinforce learning at a distance.  You have the live guidance of a senior faculty member to answer all your questions as we learn in real time as a group.   You are snail mailed stickers to help in point location via zoom.


 Other practicums for Level I involve live or video demonstration followed by you applying the same session to fellow student in a private breakout virtual room.  Just have access to a stuffed animal, doll, dummy, or picture/poster of a human body.  A four color 24" laminated poster of the human body with acupoints can be mailed to you for $15 cost if you lack a surrogate or you can order from the link provided on Level I tool sales page cheaper.  We will use Zoom virtual breakout rooms to pair you with another student and you will learn techniques to send the Acutonics session long distance.  While distance healing is not a formal part of Acutonics curriculum, it is being effectively developed by Acutonics teachers and practitioners during the pandemic out of need.  This can be your introduction to 5th dimensional long distance healing. I encourage students to use the long distance technique in this class so YOU CAN RECEIVE the energy of a session along with learn how to give.   Watch a video on some techniques I teach if you are curious 




This class includes all the sessions you will send to one another or give to your household member in written format with video stop still pictures too.  When the class is done, you can start using these protocols on others or start to create your own with the knowledge from this class.  


When traveling and close contact is resumed at DFWA, you get a free practicum day with the senior faculty member in the sound healing room. Or arrange a hands- on practice session with a local Acutonics teacher near you.  This is to insure competency and confidence in this hands- on modality.  It is encouraged and part of our student agreement with you.


The advantages of online class are your savings on travel, lodging, and being in the safety and comfort of home. The online format has more self-care practice than the in-person class.  It offers the opportunity to learn how to give and receive effective long distance Acutonics sessions. In fact, at DFWA, the online student handouts have grown from 80 to 210 pages all made available on Google Classroom for you to download and print or view online.  The class is audio recorded for you to download and listen back.  There are private Youtube videos of the demonstrations that are NOT available if you take this class in-person.

 Maybe your personal and professional responsibilities always prevented you from having the time to take a sound healing class.  Maybe the pandemic brings a time for a new modality to integrate into your practice or exposure to distance healing techniques at a time when your clients or family needs anxiety, fear of the unknown or stress addressed as well as physical imbalances. There will be much grief, trauma, isolation, fear, and changes stemming from  the pandemic that Acutonics can help address. This slow down may be offering you an opportunity to learn skills to help yourself and others remember the Wu Qi: how to be whole.  Students are reporting the self care practicums help them in coping with your own accumulations of stress, anger, fear and inactivity. 


We are realistic about the disadvantages of online learning.  Focusing at a computer for long periods of time can be intense.  So  breaks and lunch time are planned based on research of zoom attention span boundaries. The curriculum has been reformatted to allow time for interaction and application.  There are six hands- on practicums instead of the usual three.   

Sound teaching with planetary chimes, gongs and tibetan instruments is through Yeti microphone system for better vibrational reproducion of  the planetary hertz of the tools. Audio recording of the classes are available for your review for 60 days after class.  Due to intellectual property of curriculum, class video is not available, but practicum demo videos are made available via Youtube password. 

Starting in 2022, I will offer "try the tools before you buy" for required tools online so you can have the choice to either purchase the tools to own or rent them for a fee in order to participate in class . You do have to order forks to rent or buy and have them delivered prior to the first day of class.

All students get 10% off tools and you can use six month interest free credit at checkout for both the tuition and tools.  Those discounts apply even if you purchase minimum for class and decide in the future to buy more tools.  For those renting or "try before you buy," please see details on rental page and contact me via email or phone.

Prices and product ordering can be found by class with the links:

Tuning fork  prices & Purchase page 

Try before you buy tools page

3-Day Class:

18-24 PDA Points NCCAOM 
(Provide License #, BDay for NCCAOM Transcript)
Tuition: $500 with $50 discount for registration two weeks prior to class 
Forks can be purchased at registration 

Required for practitioner certification. 
Prerequisites: None 

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on line class: requires tools

ONLINE CLASSES:  You must either purchase or rent the minimum tuning forks to take this class and have then shipped by day 1 of class.  Please see info below.  Many students like to have the laminated point guide for the partner practicums.



DFWA grad: $225

Non-dfwa grad: $250 

Additional $15 if you want the laminated surrogate students use for distance practicums.

Email for your invoice: mary@dfwacutonics.com


You must have taken Level I with a certified Acutonics teacher I confirm with the Institute or can audit the class again I have taught. You must have, buy or rent the tools to audit the class as you will participate fully as an audit student.


  • Computer or device with camera and audio card- capability (for practicums)- audio and video

  • Zoom program preloaded on computer/device

  • Gmail to access student materials in Google Classroom

  • If your hardware or software is not capable of the requirements, you cannot take the class.  

  • Zoom pre-check meetings for all tech challenged students are required with teacher in advance of class- we cannot not spend class time assisting you with technology

product list for online level i

you always have options!

MINIMUM: These items are eligible for rent

  • 6 tuning fork set (EMZ pro set with ohms if you don't have ohms from previous class)
  • 1 acuvator (belted recommended if treating others)

RECOMMENDED:  These items are eligible to rent

  • 6 tuning fork set (EMZ with ohms)
  • 1 acuvator
  • Mars/Venus set (2 forks)

PRO LEVEL: Ask for invoicing to save $25

  • Full tool package - 5 items
    • 6 tuning fork set- EMZ with ohms
    • 1 acuvator
    • Mars/Venus set (2 forks)
    • solar 7th set of forks (2 forks)
    • Textbook(reference for Levels I & II)
  • Optional: 1 low ohm fork: to provide deep grounding  with other low ohm in solar 7th set

Confused?:  Please email mary@dfwacutonics.com for guidance and to arrange a package fit for your needs.   Or we can discuss by phone or zoom.

 $450 ($50 discount)

if registration and payment is received by earlybird deadline.


Your place is class in not guaranteed until tuition is paid below

Soundgates to Meridian Harmonics



This three day workshop introduces the Acutonics Healing System® and is open to anyone interested in studying Acutonics®.

This foundational class introduces you to the philosophy and cosmology of the Acutonics integrative care methodology, while illuminating its scientific and mystical roots. The class explores the cross-cultural use of sound and its healing potential, the relationship between the human body and sound, and how we can use acupuncture points and energy meridians as pathways for vibrational healing. We help you develop your clinical skills by exploring a wide variety of physical, psychological and spiritual conditions. In addition, we examine the concepts of cellular memory, sound imprinting, and the role of the Kidney as the guardian of our primordial Qi, all within the context of an Eastern medical model. The course also introduces new insights into the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, which provide a powerful therapeutic gateway for sound vibration.

You will learn how to apply precision-calibrated tuning forks, using the Acutonics Earth/Moon Professional and Solar 7th Sets. An introduction to the principals of the Five Elements helps you develop an understanding of the relationship of these tools to the cycles of nature, the organ and meridian systems, the emotional body, and the archetypal qualities of the heavenly bodies. You will also learn to implement effective treatment protocols using the Extraordinary Vessels, the Microcosmic Orbit, the Three Treasures, and other points rich in therapeutic benefits.