Acutonics Classes  Listings are organized by Modules of Certification, although you may always take classes and not get certiifed.  

Module I:  Please use the pull down menus for these specific class descriptions that are listed in Module I grouping:

Acutonics Level I: Sound Gates to Meridian Harmonics
Acutonics Level II: Higher Harmonics & the Inner Nature of Tone
Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine
Points & Meridians
Ethics in Clinical Practice


 Level I is a pre-requisite for all other classes listed in this module grouping. 
 Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine is pre-requisite for Points & Meridians

Students who are not interested in certification may take Level I and Level II and go onto to cherry pick classes from Module II listings, particularly Levels II and Levels IV

For questions, please email mary@dfwacutonics.com or text 817-918-3939