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Licensed Acutonics® Teacher​, 
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Dallas/Fort Worth Acutonics is the only place in Texas offering  all the levels of Acutonics classes needed if you wish to become a fully Certified Acutonics Practitioner.  Only Certified Acutonics Practitioners can use the service mark you see here.  It is the mark that you have taken all the classes and training, including clinical hours and final thesis to be a high quality practitioner.   Mary Burke-Kellly welcomes your inquiry about the Acutonics Certification Program.  

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Continuing education credits are available to acupuncturists through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and accepted by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners.  

Massage and bodywork practitioners have found deep therapeutic effects by adding Acutonics to their modality.  Massage therapists have found the combined efficacy of manual manipulation and sound vibration to deeply access muscle tissue, improve circulation, address physical pain and relax the body to reduce stress to  mind and muscle. (NCBTMB recognized all Acutonic classes for over 20 years for massage CEU's. Since January 2020, Acutonics Level V Energetic Ethics class is still  NCBTMB CEU recognized and other classes are under negotiation). 

With the CO-VID 19 pandemic, Acutonics now offers more live on-line classes and only classes taught on consecutive days are eligible for PDA, CEU.

Professionals can expand their modality by offering clients a non-invasive and relaxing option to your current protocol and address healing on the physical and psycho-spiritual levels.

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Acutonics Level I​

live on-line zoom classes

The COVID 19 Pandemic in 2020 has fostered creatively taught Acutonics classes online live via Zoom.  Since this on-line format opened up classes for many who cannot physically travel to Texas or the D/FW area, they may be offered in the future.  The experience of vibrational sound is provided through a sensitive microphone for gongs, chimes and bowls and you will treat yourself in the practicums (some classes can include treating a member of your household in zoom break-out rooms and/or sending long distance Acutonics sound session to a fellow student in a break-out room).  Acutonics still maintains that the most proficient instruction for Levels I and II are in person, so free hands -on practicum is encouraged when you can travel to the teacher.


Mary Burke-Kelly is a Liscensed Acutonics Instructor, Senior Faculty, for Dallas/Fort Worth Acutonics, a company that is licensed to teach Acutonics classes to professionals and the public as a provider for continuing education hours through the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine.  She was a founding partner in Texas Acutonics, which brought introductory Acutonics classes to North Texas in 2013.  As owner/operator of Dallas/Fort Worth Acutonics, Mary  fulfilled a goal in 2015 to bring all nine core classes to Texas for students who wish to become Certified Acutonics Practitioners.  She provides mentoring for final Acutonics thesis/projects and required clinical hours.  Mary is currently the only Acutonics Senior Faculty member in Texas offering upper level Acutonics classes and the full certification program for students.


Anyone interested in vibrational sound healing as a means to self care, for children, or friends and family can enroll in the Acutonics courses.  We  have one day workshops, such as the Self Care Stress Management class or Personal and Self Care class. The CO-VID 19 epidemic  fostered new live on-line classes such as "Acutonics At Home."

Everything is taught in the Acutonics Healing System (Levels I, II, III, & IV) that you need to know to use sound  healing, including acupuncture points.  None of the classes assume you have any prior knowledge of Oriental Medicine.  All the workshops and classes contain practical, hands-on sessions so you are ready to practice when the class is completed.  You will want a set of Ohm forks  or Mars/Venus forks in all your medicine cabinets!  

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One day Acutonics Workshop

Acutonics At Home 2 hour class

Acutonics Classes


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