Table Top Acuvator

​The Tabletop Acuvator is designed to activate our tuning forks and maximize vibration. This acuvator is weighted and sits firmly on the corner of your treatment table or any tabletop

Zoom address for free computer  install to take class: 


Last minute tuition : $100 same week of class


You must have the tools shipped to your home to take the on-line class.

all students must have a pre-check zoom meeting prior to class for tech purposes

All product prices  reflect 10% student discount. 

Prices include shipping by USPS "if it fits it ships"

in the United states only

"Why are Acutonics tuning forks so expensive?​"  Watch short video...

2020 COVID choice tuning forks:

You may wish to order the Mars/Venus set of tuning forks either along with the ohm starter kit or in place of the ohms.  Same price as ohms: $135 student ($150 retail).  

The Mars/Venus forks can bring perfect harmony to our disturbed hearts, minds, and nervous systems.  It provides perfect yin and yang,  attraction and initiative.  It has anti-inflammatory properties with calming yin for sleep while making sure we do not become too inactive or complacent.  It is a powerful combination that you will feel if you order both and compare.  Having both the ohms and the mars/venus allows you to put layers of sound on the points that are taught for a deeper result.

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Saturday, May 30, 2020-

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Saturday, December 19, 2020


2:00 - 5:00 PM  CST

3 hr Interactive Workshop

Fee:  $75  tuition plus price of Acutonics starter set

(2 tuning forks, one acuvator =  $165)

Total minimum investment: $240

Additional Mars/Venus forks recommended for $135



Designed for home use, the Ohm Unison Starter Set is used to promote balance and ground your entire body.  It's used to reduce stress and tension, and to nourish and boost the immune function. The Middle Ohm Unison is a starting point, and can be applied directly to acupuncture points, trigger points, or points of pain. This set is an excellent introduction to the Acutonics Healing System, and it comes with an easy-to-follow instruction pamphlet.

Includes two identical Ohm Tuning Forks, instructions, and a storage pouch.

This is a group tutoring session in which you learn 10 major acupuncture points and a step-by-step protocol for treating them in order.  Along with the tuning forks, you will be emailed or shipped colored pictures of where to place the tuning forks and taught this protocol step-by-step via a zoom class taught by a senior teacher of Acutonics.  This personal care routine can be done for yourself every day, every week or whenever you want to reduce stress, fear, and anxiety as well as keep your physical body balanced and healthy.  After the class you can apply  what you learn on your family members as well as yourself.   It is like having a sound healing first aid kit in your home.  You are taught how to find the acupuncture points with visuals and your body.  You are taught how to activate a tuning fork and how to place it where the benefits are focused.  

Learn how to ground and balance the body back to health using the two ohm tuning forks and major acupuncture points on the body.  This class teaches you how to calm stress , develop the feeling of security, and become grounded & balanced.  Acupuncture points are taught that can help restore balance from heat (fever, hot flash), immune system imbalance (allergies, virus), fatigue, upper respiratory/nasal imbalance (sinus congestion, breathing), pain, blood pressure imbalance, and headache, as well as calm the emotions. 


Mars/Venus tuning forks $135

Mars and Venus produce a musical 5th that creates an opening to connect, explore, and understand the opposing yet complementary forces within us. Action-oriented, passionate, and instinctual, Mars is tempered with the soothing, harmonious, and refined energy of Venus. This dynamic duo propels us forward to look at life in a new way. Are you prepared to open your mind and heart and look at what gets in your way? Ideal for balancing the chakras, enhancing the creative process, and increasing awareness of the steps needed to move forward. Mars and Venus can be used together, or you can combine Mars or Venus with Ohm, which changes the character and archetypal qualities of the interval.

Designed for both home and professional use, this product is sold with an easy to follow instruction pamphlet.