Ohm and Chiron gongs in sound healing room.

Mary Burke-Kelly in between Donna Carey & Ellen Franklin, founders of Acutonics Healing System at teacher certification training..
Levels I & II May 2013


Mary was an Acutonics patient for eight years and was drawn to study and practice Acutonics following a healing crisis of her own in 2011 that taught her the causal relationship between emotions and physical health.

Mary specializes in the emotional and psycho-spiritual approaches to healing with Acutonics.  Mary taught Acutonics workshops at the 2017 Association for Comprehensive Energetic Psychologists with Ellen Franklin, PHD.   She has had success in facilitating major shifts in the lives her clients.  Mary offers a method of cutting energetic chords with sound tools for clients who have that interest.  She also uses the esoteric acupuncture patterns developed by Dr. Mikio Sankey adapted to Acutonics to help others find their passion and path in life.

Mary Burke Kelly is the only CERTIFIED Acutonics Practitioner currently in the state of Texas, having completed all twelve required levels of education and training from the The Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine, LLC (parent company for The Acutonics Healing System®), including electives and final dissertation project.  She studied directly with Donna Carey, co-founder of Acutonics, and Ellen Franklin, co-director of the Acutonics Institute (formerly Kairos Institute for Sound Healing) in Llanos, New Mexico.  Mary is the only Acutonics Teacher who is Senior Faculty in Texas, which means she can teach and mentor her students through all the Acutonics classes (Levels I-IX) necessary for them to become Certified Acutonics Practitioners.    Mary trained  directly with Miko Sankey for the sacred geometry patterns she uses in Esoteric Acutonics and has Dr. Sankey's  permission to use those patterns with Acutonics tuning forks.  Her use of the Fibonacci Tuning Forks was through study and training with Ron LaPlace in Calgary, Canada.   Mary is a Facial Soundscapes practitioner in Texas, having studied with  Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, to provide constitutional as well as beauty facials for her clients using tuning forks and oriental medicine.  She was a founding partner and instructor with Pam Durham L. AC for Texas Acutonics, which brought certified Acutonics classes to North Texas.  She is a Certified Holographic Sound Practitioner.

Mary has been married for 40 years and has two children.  She had the medical responsibility for her aged father who had progressive vascular dementia for eight years.  She truly understands the role of caregivers and the stress that takes the toll on the family.  She also understands the complexities of trying to integrate complimentary healing methods with the western medical system to provide the optimum care for your loved one or yourself.

Mary holds a BA in Advertising from Penn State University and, prior to metaphysics was VP of Media Planning for a large advertising agency in Dallas, Texas.  Her pre-natal eclipse indicates that Mary's gift is raising the awareness and expanding the horizons of others.  Her Moon in Cancer makes her a great mentor and her Mercury in Capricorn reflects her clear, organized, practical communication and teaching skills.




Licensed Acutonics® Teacher, Senior Faculty
Levels I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, & IX, 


Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine 

Points & Meridians 

Unwinding Trauma with Fibonacci Forks


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Introductory Acutonics
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The sole Texas Certified Acutonics® Practitioner: Mary completed all 12 levels of  Acutonics education for certification of vibrational sound healing through Kairos Institute of Sound Healing (now the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine). Her final research project was the first to study the effectiveness of needle acupuncture as compared to Acutonics on pain reduction. Results of the study have been cited in Europe.  Mary studied Acutonics under the direction of Acutonics® co-founder, Donna Carey and COO, Ellen Franklin.

Vibrational sound tuning forks  are used on acupuncture points to facilitate healing on physical, emotional, and mental levels.
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Mary Burke-Kelly teaching Level I via Zoom 2020

 Sharon Chandler, Mary Burke-Kelly, & Kathy Krumdieck
Dallas /Addison Wellness Expo April 2018


Offering effective  cutting and repatterning of energetic chords through use of sound tools that can provide major positive shifts in your current relationships, grief, or immobilty from trauma or death of a loved one. 

Offer sacred geometry patterns on acupressure points with sound tools. These treatments are effective for raising consciousness and assistance in discovering your piece of the puzzle in life. Studied Levels I-IV with Mikio Sankey.

Use holograms filled with sound for effectiveness. Certified Holographic Sound Healing Practitioner thru Paul Hubbard

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Mary Burke-Kelly, Teacher

Middle Row, Far Left

Training for Fibonacci Elective

Acutonics Senior Faculty
August  2020

Cutting edge classes in the age of pandemic

Mary has developed a reputation for a high standard in teaching Acutonics on zoom live during the pandemic.  She has translated the classes to be interactive, using group self-care with the tuning forks to reinforce concepts.  She has been instrumental in developing and teaching effective long distance sound sessions in her classes so students can FEEL the effects of Acutonics and learn how to send a distance session during isolation to clients, friends & family members.

Mary uses a two camera approach with special microphones to duplicate the gongs and other tools during class. Students receive additional pictures and step-by-step live training compared to in-person classes for proficiency.


Conveniently located between Dallas and Fort Worth in the mid-cities area of Hurst, Texas.  Minutes from D/fw international airport